Aleksand SAYA draws his inspiration from the cultural richness of his native island, La Réunion. He experiments with and transforms traditional elements of Maloya by merging them with hip-hop and electronic sounds, creating his trademark style which he calls M’Bass.


Aleksand SAYA sets out on his musical path as an MC and beatmaker within sound systems. Fueled by the essence of Maloya, the traditional music of La Réunion, he embarks on a bold artistic quest by merging the ancestral rhythms of his native island with the modern sounds of hip-hop and electronic music. From this alchemy emerges a sound he dubs M’Bass.
Through several projects, notably his recent EP SubKultur, Aleksand SAYA invites listeners to dive into a unique sonic universe where the vibrations of Maloya blend with deep basslines and infectious syncopated beats.

The power of Aleksand SAYA’s music goes far beyond mere notes and rhythms; it possesses an enchanting ability to bring souls together while breaking down boundaries, thus creating a universe where diversity becomes a strength and where human connection is celebrated in all its splendor.






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